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At the Stereoshop Mobile, we offer 


At TSM, we love cars and music. We also enjoy delivering those highly personal listening experiences to our clients in their own vehicles.

Diagnostics & Repair

. Finding problems in electronics or wiring can be frustrating and daunting. With years of experience, we are here to bring solutions to those problems with ease. 

Remote Starter & Security

We are experts at installing remote car starter systems. We have a range of products and vehicle specific technologies that offer a seamless operation. You'll be enjoying a ready-to-drive vehicle in all weather conditions. 

Car Interior Entertainment

Whether it's a trip to the grocery store or a long road trip for your family vacation, we provide a wide range of custom entertainment options for any car. 

Safety & Convenience

Accidents can happen. To insure your well-being we offer technical solutions that equip your vehicle with top of the line safety features to protect you and your loved ones. 

Advanced System Tuning

The critical steps of tuning and calibration are the difference between just “listening to music” and "having an experience".

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