Remote Starters and Security

Nustart (2).png
Factory Remote Controlled Remote Starter


  • Use factory remote to start vehicle (Press lock 3x)

  • No extra fob needed

1-Way Remote Starter


  • Water-Resistant

  • 1-Button Remote

  • 1000 ft range

2-Way Remote Starter


  • Water-Resistant

  • Vehicle Security

  • 3000 ft range



1-Way Remote Starter
With Security
  • Trunk Release

  • Vehicle Security

  • 1000 ft range

Drone Option.jpg
Drone-Mobile Remote Starter


  • Unlimited Range

  • Alarm Alerts

  • GPS Tracking

  • 1-Way System

  • App is free the first 30 days, after that charges may apply

Contact The Stereoshop Mobile today at 724-834-2099 to learn more about the remote starters that we offer. We would be happy to consult with you and give you any estimates you may need.