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Safety & Convenience

Back-Up Safety

Back-Up Cameras

Accident can happen but, here at the stereoshop mobile we have many options for installing a back up camera. These activate when the car is placed into reverse and display the surrounding area as a video image in real time.  


Back-up Sensors

Back-up sensors are audible sensors that warn the driver when they are near an object while parking. When the vehicle is near an obstacle, warning beeps are transmitted into the vehicle’s interior. A back-up sensor is perfect for vehicles that lack an LCD screen for viewing a camera image

Rear-View Mirror Monitors

Rear view mirror monitors are mirrors that feature a LCD screen that allows a viewing screen for a reverse camera in vehicles without a LCD screen radio. 


Dash Cams

A dash cam is a camera mounted to your vehicles dashboard that acts as a witness to events like accidents. The dash cam is designed to carefully and accurately record every detail that takes place on the road.


Heated Seats

Having a warm bum is a nice luxury especially during the harsh winters. Here at TSM, we can install heated seats in any vehicle and keep you warm throughout the winter. 


While many of the newest vehicles may offer reverse camera and sensor systems, most cars do not have these important safety features. We can easily install solutions to address this important concern and all it takes is a call to schedule your

Contact The Stereoshop Mobile today at 724-834-2099 to learn more about the safety products that we offer. We would be happy to consult with you and give you any estimates you may need.
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